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The basic JAMAN liquid lifestyle trademark´s philosophy is to offer the highest quality products with excellent technology and materials.

JAMAN liquid lifestyle trademark is based on experience of company promoters. With strong, well-cooperated and high motivated team of developers and testers, we evolve high quality, functional and well-designed products for wide range of customers.

We pay attention to personal access, our own know-how and precise hand work. We are genuine Czech brand producing more than waterman equipment. Our aim is to develop high quality equipment for water sports. Each product is tested in extreme conditions by our team of kayakers and designers. We are not afraid of criticism – for JAMAN liquid lifestyle trademark criticism is the synonym for progress and excellence without compromise.

All our products, no matter if they are designated for high performance or just for free time, guarantee the highest quality, best design and safety. All product lines are carefully selected for our customers with the aim to connect the highest use value and the best quality and offer you the excellent water entertainment. This is also the main reason why our products are so popular.

Our quality – Your satisfaction – Water power – JAMAN liquid lifestyle dry solution

JAMAN liquid lifestyle brings the experience from the top sport performance to the every- day life. Among our partners and clients you can find top professionals and your friends and folks as well. Our clients appreciate original graphics and sophisticated conception of waterman suits and equipment.

JAMAN liquid lifestyle brings the highest quality of all products, adheres to the strict labor legislation and use exclusively ecological and nature-friendly production methods. We pay a great attention not only to our own work, but also to the careful selection of the best subcontractors, focused on the best quality of work and products.

Safety and quality –clothes and other equipment have Kevlar abrasion areas, high quality sealed seams, complexly tested product from high functional and quality materials.

Your satisfaction with JAMAN liquid style products is our best reward. Your trust is our commitment. Your JAMAN team.