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We use most recent technologies and high quality patented materials from renowned European companies so we can offer ergonomically shaped models for extreme use. All of our dry-suit models are completely waterproof due to the unique dynamic c-change™ membrane, NanoSphere® textile finish and gummed slide fasteners. We bring high accurate, well-designed products alongside with high technology materials.
Our products use innovative Shoeller textiles, which were first world know elastic textiles designated for outdoor sports. This Swiss company became well known mostly thanks to the production of extremely durable materials and continuously brings new, innovative textile materials and technologies.

WB-formula c-change ®
The c-change™ membrane is a wind and waterproof membrane which independently reacts to changing temperatures and activities. Depending on the situation, breathability or heat-retention increases or decreases. As a result, the c-change™ membrane always ensures a pleasant body climate.  The c-change™ membrane is durable, wind and waterproof and therefore provides protection in all weather. The c-change™ membrane was practically tested in extrem conditions. The c-change™ membrane also meets bluesign® system standards. The bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer  to acquire a sustainable product.

Material glossary:
Water column: 20000mm
MVTR: 18000g/m2/24h
RET: < 2
(e.g.: RET<6 - highly breathable, RET=6-13 - well breathable,  RET= 4-20 - slightly breathable, RET>20 - non-breathable)

NanoSphere ®
NanoSphere® is a protective treatment from schoeller® which simply shrugs off dirt and water. Garments which use NanoSphere technology stay cleaner and function better, even after repeated washing.



classical surface and surface NanoSphere®

Coldblack ® - Sun Reflector - UV Protector
Dark textiles absorb heat, which can lead to overheating, while light coloured textiles can be difficult to keep clean. coldblack® is a special treatment for dark textile garments, which reflects solar radiation, in the same way as TFL COOL® does with leather, to help keep the wearer more comfortable through a wide range of temperatures. coldblack® uses bluesign® -approved substances, which are as environmentally friendly as possible. For more info see

Keprotec ®
Yet another space-age material from schoeller®. Gramme for gramme this aramid weave is five times stronger than steel and therefore offers outstanding abrasion protection and is ideal for reinforcing high-risk areas on a variety of garments. Held also uses a version of keprotec™ for stretch panels, so that comfort and movement does not compromise safety.

Dynatec ®
Highly durable, extremely abrasion resistant textile from schoeller®.  Outperforms conventional Cordura and is easy to care for.

3XDRY® – The Feelgood
The 3XDRY® functional treatment combines two technologies into one textile: From the textile outside up to the middle it is water repellent, while from the textile inside to the middle it is water absorbent. This combination enables the Feelgood Technology 3XDRY® to prevent noticeable perspiration marks, to generate a comfortable cooling-effect, as well as to improve dirt and water repellence. Clothes finished with 3XDRY® keeps your body dry over a longer period and even after washing the garment is dry in a flash.



Superfine merino vlna 16 mc

The super fine merino wool called comes from specially bred sheep living in Australia. Garments made from this material are finer and softer to touch. The mesh construction and knit structure is said to have the unique ability to transport moisture and as it is made from wool it also provides good insulation. The knit structure allows garments to breathe and keep the wearer cool and dry. Merino wool fibers are highly hydrophilic, have a high absorbency and antiallergic properties. Merino wool does not melt or burn and provides high protection against UV radiation. Merino wool is environmentally friendly, comes from renewable resources and is biodegradable so it is also suitable for allergic and asthmatic people.

Main reasons for choosing the WOOLSENS underwear:

  • 100% natural material
  • High-grade permeability
  • Maximum comfort owing to excellent moisture elimination.
  • The fine Merino wool causes no scratching and itching.
  • An excellent thermo isolation owing to many tiny air bags between the fibers.
  • Flat seams for a comfortable feeling.
  • The natural wool fiber is more fire resistant than synthetics.
  • Perfectly processed knitted fabric and high elasticity for an ideal mobility.

Advantages of Merino wool:

As soft as silk - The finest types of Merino wool (SUPER FINE) have threads with a fiber diameter of 16 micrometers (microns), i. e. 0,016 millimeter. For comparison: human hair has a diameter of  100 micrometers.
Thermoregulatory ability - The woollen textile materials creates a microclimate on the body, which is means that in the winter it keeps you warm and in the summer it keeps you cool.
Sweat transport - The surface of the wool fiber is hydrophobic, therefore it repels sweat.  Sweat will evaporate, or if held back (for example by a layer of clothes), it will soak inside the fiber, which is by contrast hydrophile. The interior of wool fiber can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture without the wool fabric feeling damp or clammy. Even fully damp fiber stays dry on touch and at the same time keeps its thermoregulatory ability.
Permeability - woollen textile material is even permeable („breathing”) when worn under layers, this feature at the same time makes it possible to evaporate the moisture in the fiber quickly. Permeability is ensured by irregular surface structure of woollen fiber, which is formed by microscopic flakes.
Antibacterial ability - The wool is composed of 90% protein (keratin), it binds itself harmful substances to itself  including viruses and bacteria and limits their spreading and effect. Woollen clothes don‘t smell, even after multiple contact so you don’t have to wash them as often.
Wool is non-allergenic - There are no noted  allergic reactions to wool (what is sometimes   called „ allergy“  is in reality when people with sensitive skin feel uncomfortable wearing wool with high micron thickness). Merino wool extra fine, and super fine (with 16 micrometers) has a soft as silk touch so that is even comfortable to the obstinate opponents of wool.
Wool protects from UV radiation - which many synthetic fibers can not do.
Hollow staple - Merino wool is a  natural hollow staple.